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4.3oct. A2~C7
4oct. C3~C7
3oct. F3~F6



Concert Vibraphone 52bars
4.3-Octave A2~C7
Bar Material:Super strong aluminum alloy
Bar size: T15~13 x W72~38 (mm)
Finish: Brown alumite with fine hair lines
Pitch: A=442Hz

We put all of our technical knowledge into the creation of the VS-4300DC/PS Concert Vibraphone. We believe the wide 4.3-octave range (A2-C7) will stimulate your improvisation.
The VS-4300DC/PS is a showcase for our new product features.
 *The VS-4300PS model is equipped with a
"Variable Stop" function, where the fan can be stopped at an optional angle.

Body:Light Pipe Frame, Collapsible, Uretane coated
Resonators:Light stairs style, Brown baking finish

Pedal:Wide U shape pedal
Voltage: DC12V/8W

Accessories: Mallets (2pairs) , Dust cover , AC adapter, Battery unit
Demensions: W2,030 x D900 x H830~900 4-step adjustable(mm)
Weight: 75kg