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Mattias Stahl
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Instruments: Saito concert vibraphone VS-1500 VS-1500

One of the leading vibraphone player in Europe.

Works with different jazz- and improgroups such as Nils Berg 5,
Stahl/Sandell duo (with pianist Sten Sandell) Alberto Pinton Quintet, Fredrik Nordstroms Quintet, Koop, Jetset Sweden, Klaus Holm Kollektif, Yttling Jazz. Is a member of Lennart Abergs smaller and bigger groups featuring Peter Erskine. Received the Swedish Radio Award, "Jazz Newcomer of the year" in 2002. Toured Asia, USA, Canada and Europe.

Recordings as a leader:
”Stahls bla” (Dragon Records, 2001)
”Schlachtplatte” (Moserobie Records, 2004)

Selected recordings as a sideman:
"Seven pieces" Lennart Aberg featuring Peter Erskine (Phono Suecia, 2000)
"Waltz for Koop" Koop (Diesel Music, 2002)
”No sooner said than done” Fredrik Nordstrom Quintet (Moserobie Records 2004)
”Motionemotion” Alberto Pinton Quintet (Moserobie Records, 2005)
"Oh Lord, Why can't I keep my big mouth shut" Yttling Jazz (Headspin Recordings, 2005)
"Koop Islands" Koop (Diesel Music, 2006)
"What was that you said" Klaus Holm Kollektif (Jazzaway records, 2007)
“Sailors fighting in the dance hall” Nils Berg 5 (Caprice Records, 2007)
"Goodbye Pluto" Jetset Sweden (Ajabu records, 2007)

What the press said about Mattias Stahl:

“Mattias Stahl is the wunderkind of the vibes, and on the debut offering from his band, Stahls bla, he shows that he is a strong group leader(…)” **** (Stahls bla, 2002) Downbeat Magazine (US)

“(...)this album has had me off my feet every time I've played it: forty minutes of intelligence, energy, spirit, and extraordinary musicality - it's like reconstructing Ornette's 1959 group with all the advances of technique and knowledge of the last 40 years.”? (Stahls bla, 2001) JazzReview (UK)

"They're an interesting brew of personalities: the patient, occasionally blustering Milder, the unpredictable Stahl, and a rhytm section that can play flat out as easily as it does simple, limber swinging...this is a terrific band." ***(*) (Stahls bla, 2002) The Penguine Guide to Jazz on CD

“Has the vibraphone ever been treated this aggressively before? For those who might find vibes too mellow in nature, Stahl provokes wonderment as he hits brutally, retaining some reverberant decay but keeping a brittle front-edge to his notes. (...)This is breathtaking music: force, detail, control and abandon are all ramming against each other with an exactly equal strength.” (Schlachtplatte, 2004) Jazz Review (UK)

"Swedish vibraphonist Mattias Stahl plays with all the mystery and urgency of early Bobby Hutcherson (...)" Cadence (US)
"(...) sounds a little bit like if Archie Shepp played the vibes." GROOVE (Sweden)


Stahls bla
as leader & vibraphonist


"Waltz for Koop"
as vibraphonist